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A World of Change

By:Mike O'Hare
Date: Fri,28 Nov 2008
Submitter:Mike O'Hare

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It is my assumption that some people connect physical well-being and spiritual awareness as integral components in their lives. This is done at a conscious level and, therefore, has limitations as to who shares in this benign concept of human life. To experience physical well-being is one of life’s great gifts. Like everything else, it has to be earned, especially later on in years when expecting to wake up each day feeling great is not taken for granted.

No matter what you were born into, even where good health and longevity is hereditary, you will succumb one day to the inevitable. This is a world of relativity and change. Matter exists only by virtue of the polarising energies that resonate at frequencies where physical life can manifest. In a phrase: there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The best we can hope for in this changing world is balance. Everything has its opposite, so to possess good health means that ill health must exist to make it a reality. There are no hills without the valleys, no ups without the downs, no chaos without calm and so on. On a human level there is no right without wrong, no good without bad, no happiness without unhappiness.

This is the world of the Alpha and the Omega – opposites – where life is experienced. Achieving balance in our lives is paramount if we are to link our health and well-being with our spirituality. It is a challenge and has its price. No matter what ‘gifts’ we possess, to reach this state will take much effort. However, without awareness of the task, we will never know where to begin.

Even before the thought enters into our consciousness, there must be desire deep within us. This is the engine that our feeling presence requires to steer and guide us through the murk of this illusionary world. Our modern lifestyles with materialism taking unwarranted precedence, including our daily diets, do nothing but line us up for a short exit in this physical life.

Accepting this fact with humility is a great start in helping us to change this situation. Nothing whatsoever will come or be given to us without first having the awareness to do something about it. The responsibility lies within each of us. No one else can do it for us, other than to plant the seed and point the way.

There are many paths that will help us to reach the level of awareness we have chosen as our goal. Each one is attainable and will be proportionate to the effort we have invested to reach it. There is no limit to what we can achieve. It is simply a case of self-belief, determination and having some incite into the facts available. This is where we can help each other—by sharing the experience of the paths we have already trodden.

We are surrounded by energies vibrating at various frequencies. Some exist just to sustain and support us whilst we experience our minds in a physical environment whilst others can be quite harmful. We measure our material advancement by the technologies that become available. More often than not, this keeps us locked into the materialistic world. However, there are times when this is not the case.

If you were to ask a biophysicist what constitutes our physical make up, he/she would probably tell you that it is nothing more than a harnessed frequency of energy. How this energy is intelligently controlled to vibrate at a polarised level—thus creating the third dimension—is beyond my comprehension and perceptions. We are energy and we have to cope with how our environment becomes manifest by virtue of this energy. Here lies the paradox.

Our lives are sustained by the enormous variety of frequencies. We have our own electromagnetic and magneto electric fields that allow us to absorb or purge the energies that surround us. Unfortunately technology has used these frequencies in a way that will help advance society as we know it, and they are not always the best tonic for us.

Our physical bodies and the vibrations therein, strangely do not correlate with the magnetic resonance of the Earth. However, nature has provided us with a molecule, an enzyme, which allows us to ‘attune’. This single molecule, that is prolific within the cellular structure, is responsible for maintaining homeostasis—balance. There is literally a war raging within us.

This war is fought on a battleground whereby energy fights energy. The whole physical healing process is based on this one molecule helping to eliminate those harmful energies whose ‘programmes’ are created to change the course of our cellular structure. The contrast that results from this battle—the difference—is what determines whether we are blessed with good health or not. Knowledge is the key to help us develop and condition ourselves to fight this. It cannot be done at the physical level.

You may ask: “What energies? I can’t see them, hear them, feel them, smell them or taste them. So where are they?” They are all around and within you, constantly. We turn on our TVs and radios to see pictures and hear sounds. They are simply bursts of energies. Send a signal at a certain frequency and build a receiver, corresponding to the same frequency, and you will have made manifest the message that is carried on that signal. It is as simple as that.

Unfortunately, some of these energies interfere with our natural biological processes. There are energies of such magnitude that abound within the modern way of life, that because we cannot see or feel them, we disregard their existence. At the cellular level whereby our molecular ‘guardians’ engage these energies, this cannot be ignored. The communicative void that exists between our cells and our physical awareness is enormous.

We must deal with this problem at a different level to that which we are accustomed; the subconscious or spiritual level. This is not as difficult as you may think. To describe our spiritual aspects, I am referring to the part of us that is not of the material world. Our desires, thoughts and aspirations are part of a much larger part of us that is totally detached. We exist in a physical body simply to enable us to experience our minds in a polarised environment.

It is our intellect, our ego, which takes us down the linear route that our conditioning has mapped out for us. This narrow passage of thought is what keeps us locked into the physical world. Only when sleeping, do we manage to slip away from our egos and experience other aspects of our being via our dreams and other non-worldly pursuits.

Once we have learned to consciously bypass the intellect, we will see the road widen before us. It is here where we can allow those energies, which are conducive to our well-being, to flow. At the same time we are able to keep those harmful energies at bay. We do this by recognising that which exists and manifests at the physical level. Target the problem and act by whatever means are available to you.

I could be talking about microwaves that involve ovens, cellular phones, digital and DECT phones and their transmissions. The electrical emissions on this planet are enormous and have varying levels of contamination. There are negative aspects of electromagnetic, gamma and nuclear radiation and so on. A lot of these frequencies are created via the technological instruments that are available to us.

We cannot escape the presence of these energies and our bodies are no barriers to them. All the time, our life-saving molecules are fighting the battle to help maintain some kind of existence in this physical world. Unfortunately we are losing the battle as we witness our cells mutate in the form of cancer and organ disease.

As we sleep, when the ego is no longer in ‘control’, a physical and chemical change occurs in our bodies. This is the healing process taking place. The enzyme that is designed to create balance now comes into its own. From the biological point of view, this process should be fairly straight forward assuming there is no major interference. We should awaken feeling refreshed, strong and ready for the day ahead of us.

The proliferation of harmful energies via technology does not allow this healing process to take place because the healing enzymes are preoccupied with fighting the invaders on a 24/7 basis. We are not designed to sustain such punishment on a continuing scale. We are losing the battle.

There is always hope. Action is the key to solving this predicament and sometimes, now and again, technology can come to our aid. However, it is paramount that we have an understanding of what exists and surrounds us during our daily lives. Sweeping things under the carpet and burying our heads in the sand will not help to prolong our lives.

I assume that if you discovered that a huge electric pylon was about to be constructed within yards of your home, a feeling of outrage, incredulity, anger, horror, dismay and disbelief would enter your persona. These are some of the emotions I reckon you would experience, having found out such news. This has and is still happening to some poor souls who have found out that they can do little about it.

We can’t help but feel sorry for these people. However, if I were to tell you that a ‘pylon’ has already been constructed within your space, your home, how would you react? It’s safe to presume that my claim would be dismissed out of hand. After all, you can’t see a pylon. Well, I have some bad news for you. Every home that is fed by the utility companies, i.e. gas, electric and telecoms, is a potential pylon.

Telecommunications and particularly electricity are power frequencies. Their very existence depends on the high energy that can be released into our homes to bring to life the many gadgets that are part of our modern way of living. Whether or not these machines are in use is irrelevant as the power is still circulating. There can be literally miles of cable carrying this power throughout your dwelling.

The frequencies of these energies are harmful to our health and well-being. As I mentioned earlier, vibrating energies surrounds us. The radiation that emanates from the electrical current is constant and severe. At home these emissions are right on top of us and they are bombarding us at the cellular level without mercy. Our immune system is not designed to withstand such a blitz and eventually we succumb to its relentless power.

The enzyme that is designed to protect us at the cellular level is overloaded and calls on the immune system to send reinforcements that have their purpose in protecting certain organs in our bodies, thus leaving them unprotected. It is only a matter of time before disease takes over our bodies. We are suffering unduly because of the environment that we have created.

However all is not lost and I refer to technology that is here to help us. One such innovation is a device called a Demand Switch. This apparatus fits into the fuse or distribution box, and looks just like a contact switch. This is where the similarity ends because this gadget is designed to prevent rather than to make contact.

Each lighting and ring main is fitted with this device and holds the power at the fuse box until demand for power, i.e. switching on a light or plugging into a socket, is made. What happens is that the dwelling is free of harmful radiation until demand is made on the power.

Our bodies heal during the sleeping period but the war that is raging within, due to radiation, continues. Therefore our bodies are not rejuvenated. When the power has been eliminated via the Demand Switch we have the opportunity to slip back into the healing mode and night time gives us the opportunity to do this. Remember to switch off, rather than rely on ‘standby’ once this switch(s) has been fitted.

Under normal circumstances we have around eight to ten good hours of sleep. Our bodies can then begin to reverse the process that our wakening hours have created due to contamination. Only when we sleep do our bodies really have a chance to heal, although the process to reach homeostasis is ongoing regardless of which state of consciousness we find ourselves.

Another technological device on the market is the ioniser. There are many brands, and there are only a few that do the job for which they were designed. The purpose of the ioniser is to produce negative ions. These attach themselves to the harmful positive ions and become heavy, thus falling from the atmosphere, leaving only the oxygen particle. This device cleans the air around us and allows oxygen to be consumed.

The above are only two examples of how available technology will act as an aid to recovery. There are others and it is up to us, by whatever means, to discover them. This is where we can help each other. However, at the moment, be aware of yourself and your environment. Don’t just look with your eyes, but seek. Use your five natural senses that were given to you for the purpose of experiencing your mind in a physical world. Be aware and you will be amazed at what you discover.

Of course, the problem with phone masts is a separate subject. Heaven help us all!
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